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Jurong West Hawker Centre, operated by JW50 Hawker Heritage, a subsidiary of Chang Cheng, embodies Singapore's vibrant food culture with its diverse range of local and international cuisines.

The hawker centre is divided into two distinct levels. Level 1 showcases local hawker cuisine originating from various ethnic food cultures, with hawkers dedicated to preserving Singapore's food heritage. The stalls on this level feature prominent signage and escalator murals reminiscent of the Late Shophouse style from the early 1900s.


Meanwhile, Level 2 offers a taste of international cuisine and a lively street food atmosphere. Nevertheless, amidst the vibrant (almost garish) lights, you'll still find a charming blend of old-school elements and modern spacious vibes.

The Concept
The Initiatives

In line with its commitment to fostering culinary innovation, Jurong West Hawker Centre runs an Incubation Stall Programme (ISP) to support young entrepreneurs in the food services industry. This initiative provides aspiring chefs and food vendors with the opportunity to showcase their talents and culinary creations to a wider audience.

Additionally, the hawker centre implements central procurement practices to help tenants manage costs effectively. By leveraging central procurement, tenants can obtain raw materials and intermediate goods at competitive prices, enabling them to offer affordable yet high-quality food to residents and visitors alike.

Overall, Jurong West Hawker Centre stands as a testament to Singapore's culinary heritage, blending tradition with innovation to create a dynamic dining destination for residents.

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